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Builder One-Year Warranty Inspection

Our One-year is as detailed and thorough as our standard home inspection. We pay special attention to details normally covered by a builder warranty. The report gives you a great tool to discuss with the builder. A one-year builder warranty inspection can save you money by identifying defects that may not be readily apparent to you. It will help you hold your builder accountable for the quality of your new home. It will also help you bring your new home up to the standards you expect and give you the comfort you deserve when you invest in a newly constructed home.

Additionally, it will identify any potential future defects and provide you with general recommendations for preventive maintenance, helping you maintain the value of your investment. Even a new home requires regular maintenance – and that preventative maintenance keeps your home in good condition. The cost of a one-year builder warranty inspection is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you’ll have living in your new home for years to come.

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